Hiking Pak’isis


Very excited to explore!

Pak’isis means “between the pines” and is a volcano with a maximum altitude of 2850m. From its top, you have a view of the Lake and San Pedro volcano. It is located between the territorial limits of San Juan Laguna, Santiago Atitlán, and Chicacao. The hike is not that difficult, however, the trail has many steps.

For this tour, we offer the following options:

  • See the sunrise with departure at 2:00 am. The guide will wait for you at the hotel entrance.
  • Or leave around 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 am to have the morning view.

Difficulty level: 6/10 Moderate, the path is 3km one way. Even though there are many steps during the ascent, you will walk below the trees which helps you to avoid fast dehydration.

It includes: a local guide and round-trip transportation.

Duration: On average this hike is 3-4 hours and 2 hours of descent.

Recommendations: Bring some breakfast, enough water (recommended 2 liters), snacks, a jacket for the cold, a headlamp, sunscreen, and hiking boots. You can buy takeaway food packages in our restaurant.

Cost: Q450 for 1 person; Q400 for 2-3 people; Q350 for 4-6 people.



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