Tour to Pa Kamb´al


Enjoy natural pools and beautiful views!

A route full of nature and history, an enchanted and sacred place located in the mountains of San Juan La Laguna where the Tz’utujiles Mayans fought, defending the lands and their culture. In this place, you can enjoy a view of the town and the beautiful Lake Atitlán and you will also enjoy small pools with cold water that comes from the mountains. During the route, the guide will take you to see the Olmec headstone, one of the sculptures found in the town.

It includes an entrance fee and a local guide

Duration: the average ascent is 45 minutes and 35 minutes of descent. The entire tour takes 3 hours.

Recommendations: bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a swimsuit (optional).

Price: Q185 for 1 person; Q160 for 2-3 people; Q140 for 4-6 people.



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