Local Communities Hike

Local Communities Hike

Hike and help us the local community!
There are many other villages, further away from the main towns around the lake , which do not benefit from tourism. These remote villages often lack access to drinking water, higher education, safe housing and basic food.

You can help to improve the lives of the people living in these villages by joining our tour. We found a way to improve the living conditions situation by organizing walking tours to the villages including a donation of a water filter and providing some basic foods to the families we will be visiting.
After walking and enjoying amazing views, we then spend some time in the village, talking with the families, sharing some food and learning about their life and necessities. We also bring them donations of food and water filters. The cot of the donation is included the tour.

Includes: Walking tour, local guide, transport, lunch and a donation to the families for water filters and some food.

Cost: 500 GTQ per person

Duration: 7:00 am – 2 pm. (7 hours)

Ask us about all our different social projects in these villages.

• Entrance Fee

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