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Environmental Practices

At the Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we firmly believe in responsibility and commitment to the well-being of our planet. Guided by the conviction that luxury and comfort can harmoniously coexist with environmentally respectful practices, we are proud to present our commitment to sustainability.

As a hospitality destination, we recognize the significant impact the hotel industry can have on natural resources and local communities. That is why we strive to lead the change towards a more sustainable model, integrating environmentally friendly practices into various aspects of our operations.

Our vision goes beyond providing merely an exceptional place to stay; we aspire to be an example of leadership in sustainability. We have implemented concrete measures to minimize our environmental footprint, from efficient waste management to reducing energy and water consumption.

Our food consumption is guided by sustainable standards and measures, ensuring that our products and suppliers adhere to the guidelines for this journey towards sustainability. This allows us to support and boost the local economy and the surrounding areas. We promote cultural diversity and respect the richness of biodiversity, incorporating these values into our guest experiences.

Therefore, we invite our customers to join us on this journey towards sustainability, providing them with the opportunity to live a different leisure experience. By choosing to stay at the Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, you directly contribute to environmental conservation and the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

By choosing the Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, you choose a hospitality experience that goes beyond comfort and luxury, extending to an active commitment to sustainability. Together, we are building a greener and more conscious future.

Welcome to a stay that makes a difference!

Our Practices


At Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we take pride in declaring our strong commitment to Sustainable Development Goal number 12. We seek to operate more sustainably, directing our efforts towards minimizing ecological footprint and contributing to social well-being. This is achieved through responsible practices that encompass all stages of production, consumption, and service.

By choosing to stay with us, you not only select an exceptional place of rest but also join our initiative to ration consumption, following the policies established in our establishment. This approach aims to promote sustainable tourism that not only respects the environment but also generates employment and encourages cultural richness and local products.

We sincerely appreciate your choice and trust in Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, where every decision matters in building a more sustainable and harmonious future.

 Welcome to an experience that goes beyond conventional hospitality!


At Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we take pride in actively supporting the creation of dignified jobs in a fair and equitable manner. We are committed to contributing to local economic growth through labor practices that prioritize equity and respect.

Your choice to stay with us not only provides an exceptional experience but also supports our commitment to making a positive impact on the community through meaningful employment opportunities.

Thank you for being part of our effort to build a more just and prosperous future for all!


At  Mayachik’ Eco-Hotel and Restaurant we are committed to reducing energy consumption so we raise awareness among guests and staff through education on responsible energy practices, encouraging the responsible use of resources. We work with air conditioning and energy management systems with guests, and our kitchen team works efficiently. Employing practices such as turning off equipment when not in use and using more efficient cooking technologies.


At Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we consider the optimization of water resources as a fundamental part of our sustainability-oriented philosophy. To achieve this goal, we have implemented an innovative sanitation system known as “eco-friendly dry toilets.” This unconventional approach not only minimizes water consumption but also incorporates an effective treatment method that allows us to avoid generating black wastewater. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible practices and contributes significantly to the sustainable management of water resources.


At Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we believe that wastewater deserves a mechanism for reduction, treatment, and reuse, which is why we have worked on a handmade system to integrate them into our irrigation system for the surrounding environment.

The greywater treatment system is based on an agroecological technique that essentially directs the liquid through absorption wells surrounded by banana plantations. These plantations transform and utilize the chemical components that come from gray wastewater.


At Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we believe that rainwater harvesting is an essential process involving the capture and storage of water that falls during precipitation. The primary objective is to optimize water sustainability by harnessing a natural source, allowing us to collect 68% of the rainwater from the sheet metal roofs of the establishment.

Our implementation includes the use of a rainwater harvesting system specifically designed for cleaning purposes and irrigating vegetables on the premises of Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’. This rainwater harvesting system is seamlessly integrated into our sustainability-focused philosophy. Thus, at Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, rainwater collection emerges as an essential component to achieve our goals of environmental responsibility and efficiency in water resource utilization.


In our hotel, sustainability and environmental respect are fundamental values that guide our daily operations. With a strong commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we have formed partnerships that enable us to mitigate the impact of our waste, giving them a second chance at life.

We work closely with a network of women recyclers in the Atitlán Lake Basin, called “Atitlán Recicla.” This is an initiative by the Friends of the Lake Association that strengthens the processes of proper management of recyclable solid waste in 12 municipalities in the Sololá department.

Not only do we contribute to the management of our waste, but we also boost the economy through this program, allowing pioneering women to generate economic income for themselves and their families.

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