Art & Culture

Art & Culture

Get to know the local culture of San Juan La Laguna and enjoy discovering art in the streets of the town.

Handwoven textiles

Learn about the different processes, to create these beautiful textiles, including the use of natural dyes in the associations (cooperativas) of San Juan La Laguna. The associations are formed by groups of women who, through ancestral techniques, create beautiful art that is still used in everyday life.


The art of San Juan la Laguna is also reflected in paintings and sculptures, with each piece telling a different history. You´ll find art from San Juan La Laguna decorating many homes, hotels,  and exhibitions around the world. 


San Juan La Laguna is a town full of colors, flavors and street paintings. Its murals display local traditions, Mayan cosmovision and honor outstanding people from the town´s history. Just by walking through the streets, you´ll get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of San Juan La Laguna.

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We all enjoy a cup of chocolate or coffee, honey or herbal tea. But we do not always know the origin of these products. In San Juan we invite you to visit these places to learn about the processes and benefits of honey, chocolate, coffee and medicinal plants.