By choosing the Eco-Hotel and Restaurant MayAchik’, you choose a hospitality experience that goes beyond comfort and luxury, extending to an active commitment to sustainability. Together, we are building a greener and more conscious future.

Our Vision

To be the go-to destination for eco-friendly and sustainable hospitality, where our guests enjoy exceptional service, feel welcome and are inspired to adopt a conscious lifestyle.

Sustainability without exception

At the Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik’, we firmly believe in responsibility and commitment
to the well-being of our planet. As a hospitality destination, we recognize the significant
impact the hotel industry can have on natural resources and local communities.
That is why we strive to lead the change towards a more sustainable model,
integrating environmentally friendly practices into various aspects of our operations.

Our vision goes beyond providing merely an exceptional place to stay; we
aspire to be an example of leadership in sustainability.
We have implemented concrete measures to minimize our environmental footprint,
from efficient waste management to reducing energy and water consumption.

Our food consumption is guided by sustainable standards and measures, ensuring
that our products and suppliers adhere to the guidelines for this journey towards sustainability.
This allows us to support and boost the local economy and the surrounding areas.

We promote cultural diversity and respect the richness of
biodiversity, incorporating these values into our guest experiences.
Therefore, we invite our customers to join us on this journey towards sustainability,
providing them with the opportunity to live a different leisure experience.

By choosing to stay at the Eco-Hotel and Vegetarian Restaurant Mayachik’, you directly
contribute to environmental conservation and the promotion of socially and
environmentally responsible business practices, and therefore a hospitality experience that
goes beyond comfort and luxury, extending to an active commitment to sustainability.

Together, we are building a greener and more conscious future.

Global Goals

Please read below about our concrete efforts to adhere to the internationally recognized global goals.
The content of this publication has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.

Customer experience

Your stay at Eco-Hotel and Restaurant Mayachik is an opportunity to embrace sustainability. We minimize waste, conserve energy and water, and support local communities. Your choice contributes to sustainable tourism that respects the environment, supports local economies, and celebrates cultural richness.
We offer locally sourced, organic meals and eco-friendly amenities. Our team provides insights into local culture and guides you on responsible consumption practices, ensuring a memorable stay that hopefully aligns with your values.
Your decision to stay with us supports sustainability. Every choice, from using a refillable water bottle to participating in our waste recycling program, helps build a more sustainable future. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to welcoming you to our eco-friendly haven.

Local Employment

We take pride in actively supporting the creation of dignified jobs in a fair and equitable manner. Our commitment extends to contributing to local economic growth through labor practices that prioritize equity and respect. We also support the local economic community in our area. We partner with eco-conscious organizations for our produce, ensuring that our sourcing practices align with our values. Additionally, we offer free tours of some of these organizations, allowing our guests to experience and add to the positive impact of our partnerships. Your choice to stay with us goes beyond enjoying an exceptional experience; it directly supports our commitment to making a positive impact on the community through meaningful employment opportunities. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Reduction in energy consumption

We utilize solar panels to generate a significant portion of our energy needs, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and lowering our carbon footprint. Our hotel is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and appliances to minimize energy consumption without compromising guest comfort. We educate our staff about the importance of energy conservation and provide tips on how they can reduce their energy usage in their daily lives. We also partner with local energy providers to explore renewable energy options and support the development of clean energy infrastructure in our community. By implementing these practices, Mayachik is actively contributing to the global effort to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

Ecological compost toilets

We consider the optimization of water resources as a fundamental part of our sustainability-oriented philosophy. To achieve this goal, we have implemented an innovative sanitation system known as “eco-friendly dry toilets.” This unconventional approach not only minimizes water consumption but also incorporates an effective treatment method that allows us to avoid generating black wastewater. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible practices and contributes significantly to the sustainable management of water resources.


We work closely with a network of women recyclers in the Atitlán Lake Basin, called “Atitlán Recicla”. This is an initiative by the Friends of the Lake Association that strengthens the processes of proper management of recyclable solid waste in 12 municipalities in the Sololá department.
Not only do we contribute to the management of our waste, but we also boost the economy through this program, allowing pioneering women to generate economic income for themselves and their families.

Treating and Re-using Grey Water

At our Eco Hotel, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact. A key part of this is our innovative greywater recycling system, including several treatment processes:
Grease Trap (Trampa de Grasa): This initial stage captures fats, oils, and grease commonly found in kitchen wastewater.
Biodigester: Here, organic matter is broken down by microorganisms, creating a nutrient-rich effluent.
Banana Circles and Maxan Plantation: These strategically planted vegetation systems further filter the water through their root networks. The banana plants, in particular, absorb nutrients while naturally filtering the greywater as it travels through their long stalks.

Rainwater Collection

Eco-Hotel MayAchik’ is committed to responsible water management practices. We have implemented a rainwater harvesting system that captures precipitation from our metal roofs and stores it for future use. This harvested rainwater is then strategically utilized for non-potable purposes such as cleaning and irrigation of our on-site gardens. By employing this system, we are not only reducing our dependence on municipal water supplies but also minimizing our environmental footprint.
This rainwater harvesting system is more than just a practical solution – it’s a core element of our sustainability philosophy. We’re constantly exploring ways to further optimize our system with our future plans including expanding both our collection capacity through additional rooftop catchment areas and our storage capabilities to ensure self-sufficiency throughout the rainy season and beyond. By maximizing rainwater harvesting, we strive to become a model for responsible water management within the hospitality industry.

Banana Circles

A key component of our greywater treatment system is the innovative use of banana circles. These strategically planted basins leverage natural processes for efficient filtration. Greywater flows into the circle, where banana plants with extensive root systems act as living filters. They absorb the water and utilize its nutrients, removing impurities in the process. As “heavy feeders,” bananas thrive on this “greywater diet,” minimizing the need for additional fertilizers.
As a bonus, the banana plants themselves provide delicious, homegrown fruit – a testament to the effectiveness of the greywater treatment system!
Integrating banana circles into our system showcases our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. Not only does this method purify our greywater, but it also contributes to a flourishing ecosystem and provides a delicious reward for our efforts!

Woman Empowerment

At Eco Hotel Mayachik’ we’re passionate about creating a sustainable and enriching experience for our guests. This commitment extends beyond eco-friendly practices to fostering a workplace that empowers and values all individuals.
Women in Leadership: We’re fortunate to have strong female leadership, with our owner, general manager, and restaurant manager being women.
Diversity & Opportunity: Our team of 13 local employees reflects the vibrant community of San Juan La Laguna and neighboring villages. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for professional development and advancement for all staff, regardless of gender.
Supporting Local Women: We actively partner with women-owned businesses for our supplies and services, ensuring our economic impact empowers local women entrepreneurs.
Promoting Gender Equality: We strive to raise awareness about gender equality through partnerships with local NGOs and by showcasing the work of talented female artisans.

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