Santiago Cultural Tour

It will not be just another trip, but an experience that you will never forget!

An unforgettable experience during which you will learn about the lifestyle, culture, business, art, and spirituality of the Mayan people of Guatemala and the special customs in the lakeside village of Santiago Atitlan.

You will learn:

  1. The significance of traditional Mayan Clothing.
  2. The famous market days of Guatemala.
  3. The story of “Doña Chona” (25 cents coin face).
  4. The religious practices of the Mayan people,
  5. The history and cult around Maximon,
  6. The history of the civil war and the guerillas and much more.


Depart at 8:30 am with a tuk tuk to San Pedro where you’ll take a public boat to Santiago. There is an option to take a private boat for 500Q more.

Prices per person.
Q450 for one person,Q 300 for 2-3 people, Q250 for 4-6 people

Duration: 4 hours.


  • Public Transport (tuk tuk and boat).
  • Local guide.

Optional and not included: private boat for Q500.

Add a cultural tour of San Juan La Laguna for only 125Q extra.

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