Volcano Toliman

Immerse Yourself in Nature, Conquer Scenic Peaks!

Experience the majesty of Volcán Tolimán, a towering peak offering stunning views of Lake Atitlán, neighboring volcanoes, and the vibrant landscape of Guatemala. Hike through diverse terrain to reach the summit, where breathtaking panoramas await.

Choose Your Tolimán Challenge:

  • Adventure Camping (2 Days/1 Night): Immerse yourself in nature with an unforgettable overnight camping experience. Depart San Juan and ascend to the summit in 5-6 hours, enjoying the sunset from camp. Wake for a spectacular sunrise vista before descending and returning to San Juan on day two.
  • Summit Challenge Day Hike: Embark on a demanding but exhilarating day hike, starting in the pre-dawn hours. After a 5-6 hour climb, revel in the summit’s panoramic views before a 3-hour descent, returning to San Juan in the evening.

Hike Details:

  • Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult (7/10) – Strenuous 8km trails each way.
  • Includes: Knowledgeable local guide and public transportation.
  • Duration: Ascent 5-6 hours, descent 3 hours.
  • Bring:
    • Ample water (3 liters recommended) and snacks
    • Warm clothing (jacket, gloves, hat)
    • Windbreaker/waterproof jacket
    • Headlamp
    • Hiking boots


  • Day Hike: Q650 for 1 person; Q500 for 2-3 people; Q400 for 4-5 people.
  • Summit Camping:  Q750 for 1 person; Q550 for 2-3 people; Q450 for 4-5 people.

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