Nahual Reading / Mayan Ceremony

A truly unique experience!

Led by a Mayan priest from San Juan La Laguna, this ceremony will begin by thanking the nahual of the day and the respective spiritual preparation before Temazcal/Sauna. You’re invited to set your intention for the Ceremony, as you will be immersed in a profound spiritual cleaning process and it will be tailored to your spiritual needs.

We offer you these options:

Option 1: A Mayan Ceremony including Sauna/Temazcal. The duration of this option is 1.5 hours. It includes all the required materials: candles, medicinal plants, copal, cinnamon, myrrh, incense, etc… and a Mayan priest for the entire activity.

Option 2: Individual Nahual reading. This option includes a private session with a Mayan priest from San Juan La Laguna who will conduct an individual Mayan astrology reading for you. The duration of this option is about 40 minutes.

Both options are available with prior reservations. It is best to book at least 1 day before.

Cost for Option 1*:

Q380 for 1 person

Q400 for 2 people

Q495 for 3 people

Q585 for 4 people

Q705 for 5 people

Q830 for 6 to 8 people

*You can also opt for a Ceremony without attending Sauna/Temazcal. In such a case, the price will be Q100 less.

Cost for Option 2:

Q135 for 1 person

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